Beginning the Journey of Eating Clean

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    Beginning the Journey of Eating Clean

    If you have made the decision to begin eating ‘clean’ (by not consuming foods that contain chemicals, or those with Genetically Modified Organisms-GMOs), you might be wondering how to begin what may seem like an arduous process. My best advice is that eating an (organic) elephant can only be done one way: one bite at a time.

    A shift to clean eating eliminates unnecessary chemicals and pesticides in your food. Whenever possible, seek out local farmers and producers who don’t use chemicals in their food production. An educated, mindful transition, broken down into phases will make the journey manageable without it being a financial burden.

    Begin by changing your shopping habits and prioritize what to focus on first.

    As your pantry staples gradually need to be replenished, substitute organic varieties to avoid waste. Recognize that there are organic alternatives for most non-organic foods. Dedicate time to cooking from scratch.

    Begin the switch to organic produce by concentrating on thin-skinned items that are eaten without being peeled, such as apples, potatoes, peaches, greens, berries, peppers, and others, first due to the absorbent nature of chemicals used in production. Then graduate to produce with thicker skins such as oranges, grapefrutis and watermelons, to complete your organic produce transformation.

    Continue your journey by converting to organic dairy products to eliminate artificial hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. Farm fresh, free range eggs benefit the local economy and organic farms like Milk & Honey Farmstead, that are respecting the natural ecosystem. These eggs provide many health benefits as well!

    By Karen Guerriero, Co-Founder, Milk & Honey Farmstead

    Check back for our monthly Inspirations to help to guide, educate and support you through the wellness movement, and lifestyle changes directly connected to eating clean and supporting our direct-from-the-farm philosophy.

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